Saturday, December 23, 2006

"Продажники" Против "Технологов"

Карлтон рулит. Как и всегда, впрочем.

After listening to people (mostly geeks) wax rhapsodic about the wonders of “Web 2.0″ for, oh, almost two years now… I decided to go deep and see what the fuss was about.

The reality?

Nothing much to see here. Move along. We’re just tearing down the set, getting ready for the next act.

Web 3.0 and 4.0 are getting dressed and ready to take the stage.

2.0 (or “The Tooster”, as his friends call him) is pretty much history. The term was really just a glib marketing gimmick meant to separate “today’s” Web from the bad old “bubble” Web circa 1999 and 2000. The mainstream media — clueless, as always — decided the bursting of that bubble signalled the death-blow to this “Internet-nonsense fad”, and promptly found other things to be ignorant about.

(The scariest example of just how out-of-touch mainstream culture is toward the Web is the fact almost NONE of the federal government is wired in any significant way — not the FBI, not the Supreme Court, not the politicans. True to form, just as The Tooster is fading away, those in charge are finally beginning to upgrade to DSL.)

The term “Web 2.0″ is useful only as shorthand when you want to refer to the notion that — yet again — technology is changing fast. (Imagine that.) The implied secondary notion is that — yet again — these changes will affect us all in profound ways. (Ooooh, don’t be scared.)

And — yet again — the reality simply doesn’t live up to the hype.

I’ve coined a phrase that, for me, helps explain why the “experts” get so preoccupied with announcing the latest revolutionary upheaval in human development through technology.

The term is “Paleo-Tech”… and it means, simply, “ancient technology”. We are (according to Professor Carlton) in the Paleo-Tech Age, which mimics the Paleolithic age, when Man (with a capital “M”) was just beginning to use technology.

Back then, it was fire and stone and metals… and for the next ten thousand years or so, we played around with better ways to cook, melt, forge and build stuff.

Today, it’s Java script, XML and the “semantic Web”… and because the development of new technologies is so super-condensed, by the time most people catch on, it’s already ancient history.

Thus, we are living in a time when all newly-developed technology is instantly on the way out. Almost, anyway.

Paleo-Tech. It’s driving Hollywood nuts, because no matter how much they try to make the technology in their scripts brand-spanking-new, they risk looking like dorks by the time the movie comes out six months later. (I recently saw a two-year old flick that might as well have been made last century, because the meant-to-be-hip cell phones used were embarrassingly out-of-style.)

But this is what I find interesting: Entrepreneurs are almost always on the cutting edge of the newest and flashiest tech. (The military drives most of the coolest advances, but they’re trying to kill people, not earn an honest living.)

And this creates an ongoing “situation” that requires the direct intervention of grizzled old veterans like me.

The situation is this: People are easily dazzled by shiny new objects. And lots of the new online technology is VERY pretty and seductive.

But here’s the mantra I want you to repeat, often: Technology doesn’t sell stuff. Salesmanship sells stuff.

I’ve seen a LOT of sci-fi quality technology in my career. I started my advertising career in Silicon Valley back when the Internet was just a twinkle in Al Gore’s eye… I had inside connections with the Stanford Artificial Intelligence labs… played the very FIRST online games ever invented… began working on a PC (sorry, Woz) back when I had to load DOS on a 5-1/4″ floppy each time I booted up… wrote one of the very first online ads… and on and on.

I also worked on some of the very first modern infomercials, helped clients create prototypes that begat e-books, had one of the first ad-related podcasts posted to iTunes, participated in the earliest e-mail blasts ever done, and have tended this blog for a very, very long time (making good use of functions like RSS and tags before most marketers had even heard of them).

The Tooster and his application-drunk buddies 3.0 and 4.0 don’t scare me even a tiny bit.

I will make full use of every blip of technology I discover… and learn the stuff I need to learn, and pay other people to stoke the fires of the crap I suspect will soon blend into the woodwork.

Because every bit of tech that matters to entrepreneurs is just another way to communicate with other humans. From smoke signals to cuneiform tablets to the Guttenberg press to radio and TV and now the ever-wondrous Web… it’s still just one creature with a cerebral cortex talking to another one.

It’s fun. It’s like living out a sci-fi fantasy.

But the foundations are still the same as they were back when our ancestors were incinerating each other trying to find new uses for fire.

Humans want to get the basics of suvival settled… so they can use new technology to entertain themselves, kill each other… and buy shit.

As a business owner or entrepreneur… you want to sell shit for other people to buy. So you need to separate out the hyped tech that is mostly about entertainment (and for God’s sake, keep your hands off the evil lethal stuff).

And learn the simple secrets of using all new technology as a way to channel your salesmanship.

The technology, all by itself, will not magically generate profits for you. (In the still-current Paleo-Tech Age model, the only people who are supposed to get rich from new tech are the creators and share-holders. As Google proved with its profit-murdering “slap” at sites trying to use pay-per-click to build lists, entrepreneurs are seen as suspicious usurpers of technology, and must be thwarted whenever possible.)

I know people who are ecstatic about getting massive numbers of hits for their funny video on YouTube… who spend days figuring out how to use Slingbox to catch TV shows on their cell phones while they travel… and who prefer texting to talking.

Not that there’s anything wrong with any of that.

But a million hits for your video of Farquar falling off his skateboard won’t put a nickel into your pocket.

And why are you still wasting so much time watching TV? There’s a brave new world spinning out there, wondering when you’re gonna show up.

If you’re gonna be an effective entrepreneur, you gotta brush the stars out of your eyes and see all the technology tumbling down the chute ONLY in terms of how you can use it in conjunction with your salesmanship skills.

I’ll post more on this soon.

It’s fun, I gotta admit. I LOVE all the new tech gadgetry. The X-Box bored me, mostly (it really was just a small step up from playing Pac-Man drunk in a loud bar), but I’m excited about the Wii’s potential for truly gnarly gaming.

And all the career adventures I’d craved in my youth are now available again, thanks to technology advancing faster than The Man can censor it. (I can now have my own pirate radio station, publish and distribute my own books, and produce any type of late-night-quality TV show I like… all from my cluttered little office, digitally, online. I get shivers just considering all the possibilities.)

I’ve got some pretty valuable insights to share with you, too.

But I’m tired. I wanna surf the Web a bit, buy some more oldies on iTunes, enjoy a microbrew (another modern invention courtesy of the harnessing of fire long ago), and get a good night’s sleep on my Tempurpedic. (Space-age sleeping technology!)

Let’s pick this up later.

Stay frosty.

John Carlton,

P.S. Чуть не забыл, один из читателей блога раздает ёлки. Если вам нужно, идите на


Anonymous Anonymous said...

можно в 2х словах о чем пост? :)

2:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Комментов нихуя нет. Поэтому решил отметиться.
P.S. Кстати, одна из файлообменных систем типа рапидшаре - платит деньги "авторам" за файлы которые скачали по их ссылке. Думаю, недалек день, когда и ютью будет платить по $0.07 за каждый просмотр твоего видео.
P.P.S. 2Сергей Жуковский - пост вкратце о том, что нужно учить не языки программирования для Веб2.0, а английский язык для пользователей. ;) Ибо люди платят не за технологии как таковые, а за возможность ОБЩАТЬСЯ С ДРУГИМИ ЛЮДЬМИ с помощью этих технологий.

3:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Спасибо - разъяснил понятно :)

3:48 AM  
Blogger Pasha said...

Дмитрий вы настоящий Дед Мороз.Спасибо.

3:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Идея понятна. Зачем учить новые технологии, если ты не можешь продать свои поделки на старых :-).
Основной бонус имеют избретатели технологий.
Вообщем рулит как всегда идея, а на чем ее реализовать - это уже дело десятое.

4:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Диме в очередной раз респект.
Остальным - играйтесь дальше. Вещь ради вещи никогда не имела смысла (и успеха, разумеется).

(Я тот самый жалкий анонимус, борющийся за право есть черную икру.)

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Аффтар, риспект, нештяговский поост.

С уважением, Артём Порошков.

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

вот, блин, аффтару блога уже и переводить лень:-)

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Да тут и переводить нечего :-)
Все и так понятно написано.

2:42 PM  
Blogger UncommonBusiness said...

Карлтон не только умный чувак, хотя и с прибамбасами (типа заблуждений, что ФБР технологически отстала, а сенаторы сидят на диаларе), он еще и прекрасный писатель. Как наш Довлатов. Я, как человек, который читал переводы Пушкина на английский, Карлтона переводить категорически отказываюсь.

Я Инглиш выучу только за то, что им разговаривал Карлтон. Вот

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Надо учить литературный английский, а то технический знаю, а литературный нифига. Черт, пол-жизни зря :-)

1:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Продажника занимаются продажами. Технологи - технологиями. О чем тут можно говорить? Хм.. щас еще раз перечитаю.
The term was really just a glib marketing gimmick meant to separate “today’s” Web from the bad old “bubble” Web circa 1999 and 2000.
Ну не совсем же маркетинговый ход этот Веб 2.0. Имхо, Веб 2.0. - это новый подход в разаботке веб-приложений. Именно разработке. А причем тут продажи с маркетингом я не знаю :)
Entrepreneurs are almost always on the cutting edge of the newest and flashiest tech.
Сильно сомневаюсь, оч сильно сомневаюсь. Лично мне все равно как делают коврики для мышки. С помощью энергосберегающих технологий, не приносящих вред окружающей среде, или без. Главное что-бы мышке удобно было.
Technology doesn’t sell stuff. Salesmanship sells stuff.
Гениально! Надо не забыть в следущий раз вместе с "Мы ищем мира с инопланетными цивилизациями" послать в космос.
А если серьезно, то статья в порядке. Джон Карлтон как всегда посмешил. Особенно своим But I’m tired. I wanna surf the Web a bit
Респект и уважуха, в любом случае.

3:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Господа, я конечно не призываю не учить английский, но если нужно что-то быстро прочесть, лично я юзаю TranslateIt! и вам советую.

4:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Имхо, Веб 2.0. - это новый подход в разработке веб-приложений.

Новый? Идее AJAX лет 8, если не больше. RSS тоже не вчера появилось. Я бы заменил "разработку" на "проектирование" или даже "планирование" - в смысле бизнеса. Речь идет все-таки скорее об организационных вопросах, стратегии продвижения сервисов и/или продуктов, чем о технологиях. Последние вообще превращаются из ключевого инструмента во вспомогательный. Да и самим вебом дело тут не ограничится, пора вводить термин Business 2.0 - переосмысленный подход к бизнесу, его целям, перспективам и методам ведения.

1:36 PM  

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