Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Интересности на 1 Февраля

1. Восстание тинейджеров.

2. Бутлег Стэнхоупа

3. Самый быстрорастущий вид транспорта в США? Автобусы, разумеется.

4. Соль слишком дорого - поливаем улицы рассолом.

5. Дам денег.

6. Those Panglossians around the USA awaiting something like an election in Egypt are going to be disappointed. What's going on in the streets of Cairo right now is an Egyptian election - minus the American-style trappings of corporate grift, scripted "debates," and polling places that make our elections so satisfying. Many here in the dreamland of Happy Motoring and Cheez Wiz are asking themselves why President Obama is waffling about the obvious tides of "change" now lapping over the ancient Kingdom on the Nile. How can he not believe in it? Why isn't Mr. O out there in front with a bloody bandage around his head, cheerleading for the street fighters? If you lay aside the subtleties, the answer is simple: nothing beyond the status quo of recent years is good news for America.

7. Демография как фактор египетских событий.

8. Египет и пик ойл.


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