Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Интересности на 3 августа

Спонсор месяца - ВотИменно.Ру, первый в России безрисковый нейминг-сервис.

1. Европа и газ - сложный выбор впереди?

2. Михаил Бударагин: Два умолчания лагеря «Дон»

3. Война идеологий началась - точка зрения русского националиста

4. The true destination of the US economy is to get smaller and for two reasons mainly: 1.) Capital ("money") is vanishing out of our system steadily and rapidly due to a massive collective failure to repay money owed on loans, mortgages, debts, and assorted obligations. 2.) Access to the primary resource we depend on for powering the economy (oil) is increasingly beyond our control -- even worse, under the control of people who would like us to eat shit and die.
We really have a choice between two ways of dealing with this. We can downsize and re-scale consciously and coherently, or we can continue to chase after the phantom of growth and allow the nation to fall into a shambles of desperation. So far into this long emergency of an economic fiasco, we seem to have chosen the pursuit of a phantom. That's what President Obama was doing last week in Detroit, shilling for a new electric automobile which, he said, will make us "energy independent." If Mr. Obama believes this, then it isn't a very good advertisement for an Ivy League education.

5. Немного конспирологии

6. Консультирование бизнеса – цели Основателей

Спонсор месяца - ВотИменно.Ру, первый в России безрисковый нейминг-сервис.


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