Thursday, July 07, 2011

Черный Лебедь Каира

И прочие интересности

1. Черный лебедь Каира (Taleb/Blyth)

2. I just came across a massive dump of FBI files on the YIPPIES–the legendary 60′s youth movement led by Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman. They declassified and released over 6,600 pages of FBI surveillance and intel on the Yippies—unfiltered, a direct wormhole to that era. And what an awful fucking era it was. People were either mean or stupid, on a scale that almost makes you appreciate today’s problems. Almost. I spent a few obsessed hours amazed at the sheer scale of the FBI’s (and other services’) surveillance and infiltration into the Yippies—it’s a lot uglier, a lot more demoralizing and less romantic, than that cartoon movie about The Chicago 10 would have you think. What becomes clear after the first few hundred pages is that they considered the Yippies to be a real threat–and from the material collected, it’s easy to see why the Yippies really were such a serious threat to established power, much more serious than we remember them in our filtered way.

3. Опыт рока, 1969 ч.3

4. Подготовим 3-ндфл декларацию «Продажа автомобиля»

5. Даже дворник может позволить себе эротичное бельё на этой распродаже

6. Я тоже хочу купить себе рекламу в блоге Давыдова.

7. 10 Доказательств, Что В Интернете Можно Заработать На Чем Угодно.

Спонсор месяца - ВотИменно.Ру - первый в России безрисковый нейминг сервис.


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