Monday, March 28, 2011

Интересности На 28 Марта

Спонсор месяца - Упоминатор.Ру

1. Содержание - Банановые острова.

2. By now the only homo sapiens in the world who don't realize that the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster will have profound implications on supply chains, inventory levels, profit margins, corporate bottom lines and broad economic output are Wall Street sell side analysts, who remain convinced that the Lemming view is the right one, at least until management teams start coming out, most likely in the upcoming week, and issuing profit warnings, conveniently blaming their declining profitability on Japan, the weather and other "one time items." In fact, in the old tried and true mentality of "he who defects first, loses the least" and the even trieder and truer mentality of "never let a crisis go to waste" we may suddenly see a scramble of management teams taking advantage of the economic adversity posed by Japan to buffer their own declining margins, therefore buying them at least a quarter before the market realizes that the entire QE2 inspired "golden age" is now over. After all, one would be stupid not to blame an event which most ...читать дальше.

3. Интервью с Чичваркиным

4. Неомелодика - певцы каморры.

5. Post Mortem - история трупов в Америке.

5. Макс Кайзер с Николь Фосс о ядерных АЭС.

6. Всё о Карпе (*)

7. Реставрация мебели в Москве

8. домены .COM

9. Не знаете когда у вас именины? Тогда посетите журнал о непознанном.

Спонсор месяца - Упоминатор.Ру


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