Thursday, March 22, 2012

[1.5 Человека] Кто Убил Средний Класс?

Philosopher and writer John Gray is the author of "Straw Dogs". He has been a critic of unbridled and globalised capitalism for over a decade. Not that he has had many good words for the socialist alternatives. Here, in an exclusive interview with Tank, he talked with Masoud Golsorkhi about the conclusive end to the theory of the End of History and the beginning of some very uncertain and potentially very hard times.

MG - I really wanted to speak with you after listening to one of your talks recently. The thing that struck me most was your statement about the end of the middle class, and how it's being destroyed by capitalism itself.

JG - Well, I think the main point is that since the Second World War, it's been a given by most economists and by the political elite that the tendency of capitalism, if left alone, is to create so much insecurity that middle-class life is made impossible. Their solution has been to ...читать дальше



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