Monday, July 25, 2011

Любит Наш Народ Всякое Говно

Спонсор месяца - ВотИменно.Ру - первый в России безрисковый нейминг сервис.

И прочие интересности

1. Свежий Троицкий.

2. Свежий Шумов

3. My idea of a Norwegian was always some cheerless Social Democrat in a knit sweater whose greatest joy in life was comparing the price of beer in Prague (cheap) to the price of beer in Krakow (even cheaper). Then I read the just-released new edition of Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground, a cult classic that first appeared in 1998. Dude. No, seriously. Du-hu-huuude! All I can say is that Norway fuckiiin’ rocks! Lords of Chaos chronicles the rise of Black Metal, Norway’s extremist contribution to the underground metal scene in the late 80s and early 90s. What made Black Metal so exceptional wasn’t just the speed and thrash of the music, the violence of the lyrics or the amount of corpse-paint that its death-obsessed members wore, but rather the number of real corpses and smoldering churches that the movement left behind. The rise of the Black Metal movement in Norway is a case of humorless dirtheads taking a joke way too seriously. The joke was ...читать дальше.

4. World Oil Supplies as Reported in EIA’s most recent International Energy Statistics

5. (Любит) Наш Народ (Всякое Говно)

Спонсор месяца - ВотИменно.Ру - первый в России безрисковый нейминг сервис.


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пашол нахуй!

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